People entrust their money to the Church to facilitate the work it carries out. The Protestant Church and Diaconia thus consider its management of church funds as a responsibility before God and the people - this applies also to investments.

The money of the Church and Diaconia serves predominantly to honour payment obligations. Placed funds and investments belong to the investor who is thus responsible for its management.

In line with these statements, economic goals as well as the objectives of ethics and sustainability are pursued: The money of the Church and Diaconia should be invested in accord with God's commandments and the respective mission.

This is our task and we work on it by continually updating the guideline and by conducting additional activities. We are looking forward to the exchange about ethically-sustainable investments.

AKI - Working Group of Church Investors

Since 2008, the AKI promotes ethically-sustainable investment in the Protestant Church and Diaconia.

As a joint initiative of its members and partners, AKI supports and supplements their own activities.

Members and Partners
Steering group